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Parenting Classes

Each of our clients that enrolls in either our Learn to Earn or Parenting Programs gets to take parenting classes free with one of our Parenting Instructors. For up to a year, they come in weekly for a meeting with the same instructor which builds a strong relationship. During these meetings each client gets private, individualized lessons structured for their unique needs and situation.

A very important part of these meetings is the curriculum. Each year Heritage House ’76 releases upgrade packs to our existing curriculum in order to stay current, accurate, and relevant. These packs range in price from $249.95 – $599.00.

Recommendations change, our knowledge on any give subject increases with time, so you can see that these updates are essential and critical. Would you consider giving towards the purchase of one of these upgrades? You can do so right now by clicking the link below and selecting “Curriculum Upgrade” from the Designation list.

Current Curriculum Needs
  • Main Curriculum Upgrades:
  • 2017 – $499.95
  • 2018 – $369.95
  • 2019 – $599.00

Have questions? We are happy to assist you. Please feel free to contact us today by using this form or by calling the office to speak with our Client Services Manager.


  • Toddler Curriculum Upgrades:
  • 2017 – $249.95
  • 2018 – $299.95
  • 2019 – $399.00

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