Now to the Redemption Story

Pam Pennell, Post Abortion Teaching and Healing (P.A.T.H.) Program Facilitator

April is Abortion Recovery month, and I would like to share my abortion and recovery story.

As I write this, I’m 30-something thousand feet in the air on a plane. What better than to write my story?

In 1994 I was in a relationship that was abusive, had a 7-month-old little girl, and found out that I was pregnant again. I was scared and didn’t know what to do. I knew abortion was wrong, but how could I bring another child into the mess that was already my life?

I chose abortion as my out and to make my life easier.

I didn’t tell my boyfriend at the time that I was pregnant or that I was having an abortion. The morning of my abortion, my boss drove me to the local OB gynecologist and The nurse walked me downstairs to where they do sonograms, I put a gown on, they gave me some meds and said they would make me weepy. And boy were they right. I cried the whole time.

After it was over, I went home, rested and went on with my life.

Now to the redemption story.

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is in January and the director for then CareNet came to my church to speak about the Center and all that it does for the women of our community. At the end of her presentation, she expressed the need for volunteers.

I felt a nudge from God saying you can do this. I was very apprehensive about it volunteering because of my past abortion experience, but I filled out a volunteer application and went to meet with the Director.

In meeting, I learned that in order to be a volunteer at the center I needed to do a bible study on abortion called Forgiven and Set Free. I needed my own healing before I could talk with other women who are either abortion minded or have had an abortion.

I was scared and nervous to tell my story. To reveal my “secret” was something I definitely did not want to do.

The other women in the group were loving and supporting. Sharing their own stories helped me to share mine. I knew I was forgiven for my choice to have an abortion, however whenever the topic of abortion was brought up in church, still I felt shame and judgement even though no one knew about my abortion.

The bible study showed me that not only am I forgiven from my choice to have an abortion, but also that there is redemption. I ended that study feeling no more shame and judgment, like a weight that I carried for a very long time had been lifted.

God has now opened a door for me to facilitate our Post Abortion Teaching and Healing ministry. I am beyond blessed and thankful for God’s forgiveness and his never-ending redeeming love for me.

**If you or someone you know would like to speak with someone about their abortion story, pray, or begin to process emotions following an abortion, contact Pam at or by calling 802-254-6734.**

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