By the Sound of His Voice

Jackie Plunske, Marketing Team Lead

When I was young my dad brought me to a beautiful field on the edge of a forest he often visited. It was quite a trek through the woods, but eventually you stepped out onto a small cliff overlooking a sunny meadow with lovely little towns and hills in the distance.

Many years later, I remembered that day with a sentimental fondness and thought I would like to revisit it. I had no idea how to get to the field because we took a series of connecting trails and it had simply been too long for me to remember. But still, I longed to at least see the trees.

As I took my first steps onto the path, a refreshing peace filled my spirit. I walked along the trail just to see what I could see, but unexpectedly, I felt an urge from the Holy Spirit to take a left, so I took a left. I walked on, and once again, I felt Him urge me to turn. This time cutting off the trail and through the forest, so I did. I eventually came to another trail, and He continued to send me this way and that. So on and so forth, He led me. I had never had such a concentrated lesson in listening to His voice. It was beautiful.

Suddenly, I could see a clearing up ahead. Could it be? Yes, He had brought me to that spectacular meadow I had once visited so long ago. I couldn’t believe it… I sat in awe and thanks for many moments as I breathed in the view.

He had led me, and not just by showing me how I had traveled before. He led me on totally different paths, even asking me to cut off the trail and follow paths I hadn’t walked before. I had no idea where I was at any point along the way, but with His voice to cling to, I could never be lost.

I was opened up to a new understanding of just how much God was willing to softly enter my everyday moments. A new revelation of how specifically He could guide me caused me to bring Him specific questions and, often, get specific answers. He tells us, if we are seeking, we will find Him and if we desire something, to ask Him (Matthew 7:7). In His majesty, He has chosen to kneel down next to us, caring about what we care about, feeling what we feel and gently guiding us through this journey called life. He turns fears into adventure and aloneness into peace.

He longs to cure every hope, question, or fear inside of us. What is your question or fear? What lonely place can He sit in with you? For with His guiding voice, the scenery may change, the way may look different, but that’s okay. One only has to know how to get there by the sound of His voice.

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